Sunday, 27 July 2014

Engineering heroes honoured in special WW1 collection

A collection of archived photos, accounts, designs, journal entries and lectures has been collated into a free online compendium by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), to honour the contribution of civil engineers to British military efforts during the First World War.
‘ICE compendium WW1’ shows how engineers designed and adapted the tunnels, bridges, dockyards, water networks, shelters, communications infrastructure and transport networks that supported British military efforts in the trenches. It also includes details of the design of the Nile water supply to Palestine for Egyptian expeditionary work and information on the design of water infrastructure in the trenches. A memorial volume also provides biographies and photos of all ICE members who died in active service or by enemy action.
Content for the exhibition was sourced from ICE’s library and archives, home to globally significant material on the lives of history’s most influential civil engineers. It is hoped that the accessibility of the resource will benefit those who are eager to find out more about the First World War during the upcoming centennial commemorations.
Geoff French, ICE President said: “ICE members helped deliver the critical infrastructure and shelter that supported British military operations during the First World War. It is right that we recognise their engineering expertise but more importantly, the sacrifice they made for the British people. Our WW1 compendium not only informs those eager to learn more about the fighting front but honours the contribution of civil engineers to an allied victory.”
The compendium can be accessed free of charge via ICE’s virtual library:

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