Friday, 31 October 2014

An exciting event is being hosted in Birmingham on 28th November. Over the past two years, Pigeon Park Press has been running a writing project in which ten authors create a single novel together. The reality TV-style twist was that after every writer has contributed a chapter, a process of public votes and a judging panel would eliminate a writer (and their character) from the narrative. Our writing team included two Americans, one Brazilian and some excellent local authors, including Danielle Bentley, Yasmin Ali and our overall winner, Simon Fairbanks.
On 28th November (7pm), the Library of Birmingham is hosting our launch event, featuring readings from the authors and an opportunity to discover how this amazing novel was put together
We are also running some other exciting events alongside including a meet the author event at the Library on 25th November and a dawn till dusk writing challenge (which is open to the public) taking place in the Library on 29th November.
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