Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Hampton Players

When David Tristram, playwright wrote these two highly amusing 1 Act plays he kindly gave permission that groups undertaking the plays could change the title name to their own groups name....hence...'Last Tango in Hampton-in-Arden' and 'Last Panto in Hampton-in-Arden'. 


With falling numbers in audience attendances and a financial situation which is dire the last of the failing Amdram society; four miss matched committee members endeavour to put 'bums on seats' in an effort to keep the society going.  Put together a control freak (Gordon) who thinks he is the next Booker prize winner, a prima donna of a teacher (Margaret) , a Liberian who is not on this planet (Joyce) and (Bernard) a banana eating set builder and you have the right mix for not one but two total disasters!

Last Tango sees these four stalwarts completely mess up by turning in an unexpected performance that makes their bank balance healthy and puts the society back on the map! And Last Panto sees the same four putting on a community pantomime against the odds and not quiet coming up trumps! 

Enjoy and evening out with live theatre - talent on your doorstep!
at: The Fentham Hall, Marsh Lane, Hampton in Arden. Solihull.
Weds 19th to Sat 22nd November 2014 @ 7.30 p.m.
Tickets £10.00 each - contact 01675 442432

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