Friday, 20 February 2015

Caribbean Family History Group - Solihull & Birmingham

Our Next Meeting - change to our Meeting Frequency

The group now meets monthly instead of bi-monthly so come along this month on Saturday 28th February* and each month thereafter on the last Saturday of each month.  We have more resources to look through (see below - especially Barbadians, Antiguans and Grenadians). Feel free to come along from around 12pm to do your general research.  If you need assistance we only ask that you contribute £5 for this aid which goes towards the group's efforts to continue obtaining microfilms (see below).
*At Solihull Library (Ist Floor), Homer Road, Solihull, B91 3RG (via Touchwood Shopping Centre)

Updated resources
As a group we had an original goal when we started, of obtaining as many of the Caribbean microfilm indexes, of birth marriage and deaths that we could, for use in Solihull Library to help those with Caribbean ancestry in their research.  In recent months we have ordered/obtained Index microfilms for:
  • Barbados - Birth Marriages and Death Indexes
  • Antigua & Barbuda - Death Indexes (awaiting delivery)
  • Grenada - 2 Death Index Films (awaiting delivery)
to add to the microfilm collections already held at Solihull which have been
  • Anguilla
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • St Kitts and Nevis
See this link for an up to date statement of the holdings at Solihull Library :
If you do not see your island in this list then we can check if it is covered.  We are hoping to do some specific island themed events for some of you - so watch out Barbadians etc....

Who Do You Think You Are? - Live 2015
16 - 18th April - NEC Birmingham!

We aim to be back at this annual event, especially as for the first time since we have been involved it will be up in our 'neck of the woods' - the NEC Birmingham. See the link: (paste into your browser).

We are just in the process of booking our place and hope to have a beneficial and enjoyable time there.  If you have not been before or even if you have, come along and see if the experience benefits you and your research.

Hope this information adds to your life in 'some way'! Do pass it on or let anyone else know who might benefit.

Carlston Walters
Communications Officer
Caribbean Family History Group - Solihull & Birmingham

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