Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mixed Media Festival takesover Birmingham in March

The Equinox Festival takes place in Birmingham between 16tth - 20th March, concluding with the West Midlands Mixed Media Awards which will be presented by Free Radio's Jo & Sparky.

 For full details of the award nomination categories, check out bit.ly/bfnominate.

Equinox is a pioneering mixed media festival from Beatfreeks, engaging and empowering young people to connect with film, photography and design through outreach workshops and screenings in the local community and ending in a showcase awards event in the Birmingham City Centre.

From the 16th - 20th March, a part of Birmingham Digital Week, Equinox will have 5 community outreach days in locations around Birmingham. There will be workshops, screenings, talks, events, media, visuals, DJs, top-notch venues and champions of the media community.

The festival will culminate at a surprise location, with the West Midlands Mixed Media Awards, to give recognition to great work that has been achieved by young people.

Website: www.equinoxfestival.tk Twitter: www.twitter.com/EquinoxMMFest Social media hashtag: #EquinoxFestival


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