Monday, 16 February 2015

The Life & Loves of a Nobody at Warwick Arts Centre

Third Angel and Dep Arts present:

The Life & Loves of a Nobody

Now in their twentieth year, Third Angel asks how far a nobody will go to become a ‘somebody’, and just what a ‘somebody’ is

Devised by Rachael Walton and Alexander Kelly |  Performed by Rachael Walton and Nick

NATIONAL TOUR 27th January to 27th March

Warwick Arts Centre, 12th February 7.45pm

“Sublime… it is well worth getting to know Rachel” Guardian

Third Angel examines our obsession with fame, fortune and celebrity in an extraordinary telling of an ordinary story. In their distinctive style, Third Angel co-founder Rachael Walton and performer Nick Chambers create the world of Rachel, a character we never meet, with string and scissors, light, shade, and paper butterflies. By looking at the intimate details and moments of beauty in a run-of-the-mill life, they question why it is that people strive for fame, and whether it makes you a ‘somebody’.

An earlier version of The Life & Loves of a Nobody was first performed in Sheffield in 2014. It tells the story of a woman called Rachel, who starts life in a tower block and dreams of being famous. The closest she ever gets is flipping burgers outside a circus, until finally she gives up all hope and becomes a nurse. That is until one day there comes the chance to change it all... but at what cost?

Co-creator and performer Rachael Walton said, "We wanted to make a beautiful show about an ordinary life. We were interested in asking if an 'ordinary' life is enough in the age of celebrity - because we seem to be told all the time that we should aspire to a certain sort of lifestyle, a certain sort of success. We also wanted to make a show that acknowledged the importance of those childhood ambitions we all have. The dream jobs most children imagine having. In some ways the show feels like a children's picture book - telling the life story of the girl who's going to live it."

Alexander Kelly, co-creator of the show, added, "Making the show we talked about circuses, talent shows, and entertainment as social control. We talked about how contestants on (things like) The X-Factor talked about how this was their "one chance", their "only chance", how they "couldn't go back" to their other lives. And we thought about how those opportunities to escape always seem to be to allow one person to escape by a long way, at the expense of those around them, rather than helping everyone escape by a shorter distance."

Third Angel was formed twenty years ago in October 1995 by Rachael Walton and Alexander Kelly in Sheffield with the aim to make contemporary performance that speaks directly, honestly and engagingly to its audience and explores the small, intimate things in life: the value of individual experience, the beauty to be found in the tiny details of everyday life, and the surprising emotional power of memories and places. The company has shown work at festivals and venues across the UK, Europe and beyond, most recently in Brussels, Beirut, Sarajevo, Athens and Rio de Janeiro. In 2015 they break new territory in the US with What I Heard About The World at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

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Running Time: 70 mins (no interval)  | Suitable for ages 14+

Company Information

Performed by Nick Chambers and Rachael Walton         
Devised by Alexander Kelly and Rachael Walton
Sound design by Ivan Mack    
Design by Andrew Stephenson
Lighting Design by Mark Howland     
Produced by Dep Arts

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