Friday, 5 June 2015

Introducing Birmingham's first WBC - Women’s Boxing Club.

When Nicola Adams became the first woman to box in the Olympics London 2012 for GB, she won a gold medal. At the same Olympics Ireland’s Katie Taylor made history by winning gold, making her the greatest sports woman ever in Ireland. 1 Olympic gold, 5 World Amateur championships gold, 6 European golds and 5 European Union Amateur golds. 

Since then there has been a rise in women getting more involved in the sport.

Mav Akram
In Birmingham, Jason Lowe has been 'the man with the plan', setting up WBC in November 2014. He now continues to run this alongside Mav Akram at Community Aero Kick gym in Digbeth Birmingham. Jason oversees the day to day operations of WBC whilst Mav overlooks the marketing and technical aspects.

The Aero Kick gym is affiliated to both England Boxing & The Malta Boxing Commission, opening the realms of both amateur and professional boxing.

Jason Lowe
WBC has been set up as a platform to get women more involved with boxing and keeping fit. Mav Akram said, "It’s all about every individual woman who attends, you get the opportunity to lose weight, keep fit and have fun. You set yourself realistic goals with an amazing sense of achievement. We are a motivational and empowering boxing club."

"If you box you are a risk taker. If you are a woman and you box you are a risk taker and a rule breaker. Boxing is like a victorious repossession of strength for a woman, a more mature claim to womanhood. Who says high heels and a deadly left hook are contradictory?"

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