Sunday, 6 March 2016


We have one our fantastic Speedmatching events lined up for the 28th April in Birmingham at the Utopia Bar and would like to invite you to join us. The event will run from 5.45pm ­ 7.45pm.

We will have lots of wonderful media and communications professionals taking part, free wine, beer, nibbles and refreshments. The event is a great chance to meet with professionals looking to give advice to charities on their marketing, PR, film, design, social media, branding and more and potentially form long-term volunteer relationships.

The event is free to attend and is part of wider matching service giving charities access to experts and professionals willing to support charities. Places are limited so we will be accepting places on a first come first served basis. Do get in touch to book your place and find out more information.

Contact Sam Gillett
Media Matching Manager
Media Trust
0207 871 5658
4th Floor, Centre House, Wood Lane,
London W12 7SB

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